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Why Design Matters

Build better products
Effective design leads to the creation of great products and services, especially when it focuses on the user and their needs.
Build it onceDesigning for users at the start means less change requests during development and less re-work after launch.
Increased customer engagementOnline services that are built from a design thinking mindset have higher conversion and engagement rates.
Lower training and support costsDesigning for users means easier-to-use products that don't require training or support once launched.
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UX Design is important
Effective design leads to the creation of great products and services.

Design Services

We offer services that cover everything starting out from the original idea to the delivery of the solution. Each phase requires a different toolset.  
User Research and Personas
We speak to real users and document our insights in personas and concept scenarios. This helps us to understand how users will interact with products, allowing us to define better requirements.
Wireframes and Concept Design
Initial designs are captured in wireframes or blueprints of the website or product. These help the project team to communicate about features and interactions at the sketch stage, when changes are easy and cheap to make.
Design PrototypesA prototype is worth a thousand meetings. We develop animated, functioning prototypes - allowing stakeholders to evaluate and approve the experience before development begins.
End-to-end Implementation
We work with developers throughout the implementation process to ensure that what was designed gets built.
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Design Thinking

Multi-disciplinary Teams
Zoosh is a group of experts specialising in design and technology. We work with you to innovate better.
In Collaboration with Product Owner
Our process is collaborative. We share early and often, through team workshops and prototypes.
Lean / AgileWe focus on lean methodologies like experimentation, user-centred design & prototyping techniques and agile software development for building successful cloud business applications.

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