Agile Application Development

Agile development is organised around sprints, typically around three weeks long. Given the constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, agile development focuses on the delivery of individual pieces of the software, instead of the entire application – offering a framework that will help teams deliver applications while providing the best business value. With agile development methodologies, everyone is involved in the business process, including the business side. This collaboration and communication ensures that everyone stays involved in the development process, making sure it goes more quickly and effectively.

Lean product design methodology compliments the agile development process. Research with users provides the product owner with data to support the product vision. Interaction designers create many possible solutions before the best product designs are developed.
Benefits of Agile Application DevelopmentMicrosoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a growing collection of integrated cloud services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web – for moving faster, achieving more and saving money. Azure easily integrates with your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features.
Early and predictable delivery
Customer satisfaction
Better product quality
Focuses on business value
By working in sprints, developers are able to deliver new features quickly and effectively, and it will be easier to set realistic milestones.
Customers are happier because they are more involved throughout the project and can give feedback early on in the product life cycle.
Since testing is done so often during the development process, the product owner can make any changes if needed, which will ensure a better final product.
Continuous IntegrationWe also use continuous integration methodology for delivering high quality software. Using this approach helps us publish new features frequently with shorter development cycles without jeopardizing software quality.

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