Technologies We Use In Development

SAP HANA Cloud PlatformSAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is an open platform-as-a-service that provides unique in-memory HANA database and application services. It enables us to quickly extend SAP core business applications in the cloud as well as to run real time IoT use cases with its leading in-memory database platform.

SCP supports both fully cloud and hybrid deployment scenarios. In a cloud scenario, an enterprise can extend its core enterprise business application such as SuccessFactor with custom business application on SCP. While in a hybrid scenario, the on-premise SAP core system (e.g. R3, ERP) can be securely connected to the enterprise garde SCP platform hosting the custom application.

The in-memory HANA database provides unique business benefits to businesses. As it is a very fast database, only transactional data is stored and there is no need to store aggregated data, but those can be calculated on the fly with special HANA calculation views. This approach provides cleaner database structures and faster, real-time response time for time critical business applications.

In addition to the HANA database, the platform provides additional services (application server service, IoT, analytics, predictive analytics, etc.) that can speed up the development of enterprise grade business applications. The platform has modern JavaScript based technologies for backend and frontend, making the full stack software development more efficient.

SAP Applications Services We Offer

HANA database design, implementation, ETL (both on-premise and on SCP).
Design and development of IoT application with SCP.
Deployment, preparation and maintenance of an SCP based application.
Design and development of Fiori/UI5 applications on top of SCP or on-premise HANA runtime.
Design and development of analytics, dashboard and reports with SAP Analytics Cloud and SCP.
Zoosh Digital is an official SAP PartnerEdge Silver partner.

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